Monday, March 24, 2014

How To: Dremel Pt. 1

Hey Kiddos, I noticed some bad/misinformation going around on moped pages (I won't name names,) and it made me realize that my blog should be more educational. So, this is my first installment of a "How To" series I'm gonna do from time to time. The first bunch will be about the most useful and potentially destructive tool in all of mopeddom: The Dremel.

First off, Dremel brand Dremels are maybe the worst and most prone to breaking. I personally don't have pneumatic tools, so I just use an offbrand electric "Dremel" tool made by Gyro (who you might know from their cut off discs). When buying a dremel for moped work, or cylinder porting in general, you probably will want to get one with a flex shaft (or "pencil" attachment it's sometimes called.) Another great purchase to make before diving into your new $225 Polini kit is a foot pedal from amazon (about $15.) Mine, I think, was listed as being for a sewing machine, but it works for most powertools. This one is similar to the one I have. It may be the most underrated tool in my garage. Not only does the pedal allow for on-the-fly speed adjustments, you can also think of it as an emergency 'stop.' This is invaluable in porting, when a little slip could mean a ruined kit.

Next 'How To' installment: Dremel bits and choosing them correctly.

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