Monday, August 30, 2010

Murder Mag completed


  1. no pin striping after all? i was lookin forward to seeing it!

    also, how come you did the skate deck upside down rather than the other way around?

    rad bike man!

  2. Thanks! I still wanna pinstripe and actually found a really cool dude that's our age in Venice named 'Pacman' that is gonna hook me up. I just took this pic on our Sunday ride on a whim and decided to post... got impatient I guess. The upside down deck is cause I thought it sat a little better like that, and I also 'think' that it gives the illusion that I'm sitting on my fender this way (makes the bike look extra low.) That's just my theory on it though... Also, I have the taillight coming through the "LA" in the seat like a pumpkin. (See preview pic for a better view.)

  3. such a cool bike...