Monday, December 21, 2009

Mysteries of the Autostart e50

So I got this engine because it was cheap and, I was told, running. Also, I was curious what the engaging mechanism was, since there is no clutch lever on these (thus the "autostart"). You just pedal and it starts immediately. It seems to defeat some of the point of having pedals at all, no? These also were, I think, the only e50's with the Mikuni oiler (like the Za50's have.) Upon opening it up though, it was far more different from an e50 than I expected. I'll put the pictures in order of taking it apart, so hopefully, it will make more sense.

That's directly under the clutch cover. The cover actually says "PUCH" on it and has the oiler where the engage lever would be. I'll have to find my pic of it. The gold piece, which mounts on a longer than normal crank, runs the oiler. What... isn't that clutch facing the wrong way??

Removing the clutch reveals it's welded to a small clutch bell. (side view of the clutch).

(Back view of clutch/bell piece and under it... ANOTHER clutch??)
Under this weird 2-shoe clutch/bell piece is another clutch bell, and, what's looks to be almost, a Za50-style 3-shoe clutch with very loose springs. This sits inside the 2-shoe clutch/bell and engages against it.

(The starter clutch and bell housing.)

(obligatory artistic moped shot... very Euro Nuevo.)

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