Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend.

Well it was a mopedtastical weekend. I spent two days in SLOb camping for the Calirally. I then immediately left, returned my rental car, and left (from Enterprise rentals) straight to the Woolly Bully ride. It was a good weekend, with some great rides. I blasted everyone on the road, including a dirtbike that cut me off on Wilshire. The best part for me though is that I didn't re-injure my neck. Thanks a bunch to Steve Rosen for putting on the Calirally... and thanks to Chris, Leslie, and Steve for planning the Woolly Bully vs. LA Tigers ride. My heart goes out to those that crashed and/or seized. Heal up and I'll see ya on the road again soon I hope!!

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