Friday, April 3, 2009

So Here's Where I'm at...

So in the past month, I've built, I've wrenched, I've rallied, I've blasted, I've partied, and at this very moment, I have a huge knot in my neck to prove it. It's been a long month, and April is looking to be even longer. I'm a little disappointed, but I won't be able to make it to the races this weekend. Good luck to all my friends racing though! I wish you all luck and hope that no one gets hurt... or blows their bike up too badly. I feel like I sufficiently have tried my moped luck recently, having not been ticketed, wrecked, or seized at the Latebirds rally... and that wasn't half as dangerous as this shit's going to be. I will be there in spirit though, and I'll definitely be watching it on mopedtv (thanks Harold.) That same morning, I'll be on the Myron's Ride. If you're in or around LA, you should totally come check it out. Go to It should be a blast, AND I think all the Woolly Bullies be there to boot. Santa Anita races ride at the end of the month too!! See you there!! Moped madness

I'm taking votes for the next bike I build too, so respond to this with your vote. It's either A) the rigid freespirit/Shaw built e50 80Metra or B) the white cobra/ZA50 polini

Cast your vote now!!!

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