Friday, February 27, 2009

Out Riding. Will Return soon

Sorry I haven't posted in a while Blog-Journal. After some minor problems with the clutch, I got my bike working. Not only that but a mopeder friend of mine Nash is in town. He's got a couple of sweet bikes, so he, Chris, and I got to ride a bunch. It was just like old times. I'm still breaking in the new engine/piston/cylinder/everything, so I've been taking it very easy. The Magnum's got some very bad low end but once it winds up some (and I pedal a bunch) it begins to speeds up quite rapidly. I'm not sure how fast I've gone... but it feels like there's so much power left to spare. I haven't even hit the powerband yet. This bike, I feel, will easily be a 60+ bike. I'm not even sure I want to find out how fast it can go. Here's the thoughts on the bike right now:

Clutch slipping (too much) coupled with how fat it is jetted (for break in) makes it a low end disaster = lots of pedaling.

Gearing may not allow for the powerband to be reached in city-driving situations. Probably will have to regear as well as rejet when break-in is done.

[Pics to Come]

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