Monday, January 26, 2009

Moped Madness Defined.

I'm starting this blog to document the depths of my depravity. In the coming months you will watch as I spend ungodly amounts of time, effort, and most of all, cash, feeding my addiction to these two-wheeled contraptions. At current, I have 7 complete bikes and 1 in pieces spread amongst 4 states. My apartment, my storage space, and now my car, are all filling with parts and various moped items at an alarming rate. On a monthly basis I spend pretty much all my money outside of rent on my mopeds. At least with this blog going I figure I can look back and see where all the money went.

Here's some pictures of me and mopeds and moped peoplezz to get the blog rollin'

(I don't know why these are getting cut off on the sides... but click the pic for the full view.)

My Magnum (pre-Za50 explosion!)

The Arciero... a 65MPH 49cc Shaw Bike (click the pic... this is NOT supposed to just be Chris' crotch.)

Captain Bully, Chris and the Mopeds that made it 100 miles out to the Lancaster Ranch (notice my bike is NOT in the pic...)

Gender Bender 08 (Best time of my Life!)
Creatures,Gender Bender,Woolly Bullies

More of the SF Rally
Gender Bender,Woolly Bullies,Creatures

Chris and Mike Rafter @ Gender Bender

Woolly Bullies Mike & Jose

One of my many moped benefactors, Jimmy
Creatures,Gender Bender,Treats

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