Monday, January 26, 2009

Diary of a Moped Mad Man

Ok. So introductions aside... let's get into the good stuff. Here's what's going on with my mopeds.

I recently blew up my custom built ZA50/ Metra65 magnum on my friend Chris' birthday ride. It's waiting in his garage, sadly, but Jeff at Choke is building me what should be a 60+ mph 70cc ripper e50 with a ported TCCD I bought from Tommy Latebird. (Thanks Tommy! Check out the blog on his hobbit build. I've linked to it on the my profile page.)

Also, taking up the backseat of my car right now is a rare rigid freespirit Kromag frame that I brought out from Chicago. That was supposed to be my next project but as the Magnum bit the dust, and I have a couple things in the pipeline... it looks like it will be taking a figurative backseat as well.

On top of all that, a few months ago I bought a 2001 Hero Puch from Harold of moped army fame. It was too odd and rare a bike for me to pass up but I've yet to be able to grab it from him in Arizona. It will be headed to me in late March though when Harold comes out for the Latebirds rally. I don't really see myself holding onto this one for very long, but it will be fun to try to make fast. Once I do that, I think I'll probably just sell it.

THEN... on top of the top of all of that, I have what I was referring to above when I said "in the pipeline." I've only disclosed what this is to a few select people, namely the other Woolly Bullies and Jeff at Choke. They will be here next weekend I'm told. Once they are in my hands, I'll post all the info here.

So those are just my active projects. I also have 2 matching newports (one in chicago and one here) AND a blue Maxi that my girlfriend and I will be rebuilding for her.

PHEW!! I think that about sets the stage for all the madness that will be ensuing in these blogs in coming months. Check back for all the updates!

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  1. WOOLY BULLY WELL!!!!!!!
    damn dood you got some crazy peds
    puch 4 lyfe yaheard