Sunday, March 6, 2011

Myron's Ride # XX: 4-Stroke Jerry Gets Blasted

Today was the first Myron's ride since October. 38 riders came out.

39* Riders

Only 36 made it back though... I think the creeper in this van got a couple...

Super fast Shaw built Mb5... and I thought this was a stock ride(!)

Jerry's new 4-stroke Chinese "moped"

Custom built Kawasaki 65


Thanks Trevor, Marvin, and Co. for the loaner and all the hospitality.


  1. What's it like to get blasted by a 4 stroke new pedal moped been in the states since 2007?

  2. I heard him, no joke tell someone that they were 'gonna feel his exhaust the whole ride' and that it would 'blow your hair back.'

  3. lol I have to see a picture of this guy