Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunrise Cycles LA

Hey. You guys should all check this out:

It turns out this place is like a block from my house. Think of it as Choke if Choke had no concern for walk in business. It's just 100% clubhouse. I never would have found it but my friend who is a moto guy showed me where it was. The guy who runs the place, Kosuke, is super cool and has already done some custom work for me. The Woolly Bullies got a $10 moped he had bought running, so he's been helping us out some too. The guy has crazy machining tools AND ability to use them. He bends all his pipes custom and is currently making a flattracker with BMX inspirations and custom molded tank/seat. About half of his bikes will never hit the street in the US. They get bought up and immediately exported to Japan. I'm currently trying to get him into mopeds by bringing cooler and cooler peds to his shop. I think it's working...

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