Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mysteries of the Yoda TCCD Piston

So recently we were going over Jose's TCCD and noticed something weird. This kit has maybe more miles on it than any other kitted bike period, but certainly more than any in SoCal. That's what the guru who built it says at least, and I tend to believe anything this particular person has to say about mopeds. (You might know who I'm talking about.) We took apart his now cracking cylinder (the bain of all TCCD's) and I think we found the secret to his power: his piston looks like Yoda. I'll let you judge for yourself though.

After I saw this, I went and got an old TCCD piston of mine out of the shed... guess what? It was starting to look like yoda too! Weird.

Now that I look at it again though, I'm thinking it's more of a Virgin Mary like was on my grilled cheese this morning.


  1. Yoda is green, that is clearly Broda, like Yoda only a little more badass.

  2. Clearly, the force is strong with this one.