Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moped Project Update

Boy this is going to be a longer list than the first one. Here's a list of all the moped business I have going on. It kinda just acts as a laundry list for me later, but I thought it might be interesting:

White Cobra Show Bike ---> This is what became of my 2 cobras (pictured in previous posts). I traded one of the bikes and now hopefully will have money to do the rest of what I have in mind for the remaining cobra. I already have the engine (built by Shaw), now I just need to repair the tank, get a pipe, and get it painted.

Torque Bike Maxi N ----> I don't even really know what to call this bike yet. It's so new to me. I picked up a black 1984 Austrian model Maxi N on the way back from Portland. Since I've been building speed oriented bikes, I want to build a hill climber beast this time instead. I just got my 10 tooth front sprocket in the mail, and I am working on the kit now. Let's see how fast I can make this bike do 12 o'clock.

Gila Back-up Engine ----> I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure why, but sometime... maybe soon, one of my engines is going to blow up. Hopefully by then though, I'll have this engine done so that I can just slap it on and roll. For this build, I'm going to report an engine I bought that was made for a small port metra. It's got the treats CDI on it already and a top crank in it. I'm going to be using the V-force reed cage and 24mm mikuni as well.

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