Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Margaret's Mini Ripper

Woolly Bully Co-Founder Mike and I just built this little number for my girlfriend. It's a 60cc Eurocylindro w/15mm PHBG. It's going to get a boss pipe on it and is getting mounted on a blue Maxi. The intake was portmatched by me and the cases were matched by Chris with his uber-sick super secret technology Dremel bit. We also utilized a little secret e50 trick that the Guru showed me recently. I know the head is on sideways, btw. It's kinda a reminder to go get washers tomorrow, so I can give it the final seal up.

The idea behind building this engine was to make it one that wouldn't fall behind, but also wouldn't be too scary to rip on. Margaret's ridden with me a handful of times, but she's never gone above 35mph unless she was on the back of my magnum. She actually wanted me to build her a stock bike because the idea of going as fast as I do scares her. I finally had to just say "trust me, I have something in mind for your bike." Honestly, I think Chris, Mike, and I are more anxious to see this thing run than her. I've never built this kind of more modest set-up before. Since it has a PHBG though, I think it should rip pretty well. I was also surprised to see that this kit has bigger transfers than a metra 65(!) Hopefully we'll have it up and going this week. I'll post back once that happens.

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