Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whiskey Dicks.

Just thought I'd take a second to post about how AWESOME Whiskey Business 2 was. It was this past weekend, and I would have posted about it sooner, but I think the epicness of it all took a bit of time to set in. To all the people I met, and who helped make this weekend so special, thank you. Special thanks go to the Bourban Bandits as well for making this whole thing happen. You guys are RAD!!

Here are my pics of the weekend:

(Sorry but I can't seem to make a link work on here for the life of me.)

If I get a chance, I hope to do a full write-up about the rally before I smoke a bunch and forget the whole thing. (It would have to be really good bud to make me forget such a rad time though.)

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