Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Myron's: Moped Madness Mecca

I'm not even sure really where to start this post. I guess I had always heard about Myron's. When I couldn't find a float bowl gasket, I called them and despite having a policy not to ship items, Shaun happily put one in an envelope and sent it my way. Soon after that, I went on one of the "Myron's Moped Rides" with my old Garelli. That was officially the first time I had ever ridden with other 'pedders, and lets just say it had a profound affect on me. (I still have the pics from that ride framed at home.) I've now been on 4 Myron's rides, but had never been to the shop until this past weekend. People had said to me "oh! you HAVE to go," but nothing really could have prepared me for that place. It's like a shrine to mopeds and their heyday, the '70's. In a lot of ways it looks like the shop hasn't been touched since then... like it just leap out of the '70's. In fact, They have bought out or absorbed every southern california moped shop since then. The walls are lined with rims and boxes of parts, all meticulously sorted and organized. Amazing bikes are everywhere, and Shaun and Marvin greet customers like they would guests in their living room. The man behind Myron's and their rides, Shaun, is a character unlike any I've ever met before. So much so in fact that I should probably leave him (and his bike the Blue Fly) for another post. When I left, I had some brand new Gazelle tires, a rare chrome kill switch, and a definite feeling that I had found where I belong. I'll be going back there very soon I have a feeling...

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