Friday, February 13, 2009

Magnum time is nearing...

Yesterday I received my intake from the pros over at Motomatic. As of now, I've got all the parts collected. The return of the magnum is getting close. I hope this rain lets up enough this weekend so that I can ride again. I guess I need the bike back together before I get to that. As of now, the engine needs transoil, it needs to be slapped on, the intake needs to be matched to the cylinder better, it needs to be attached, the carb needs to be mounted, the wheels need to be switched out, and then it needs to be tuned. I probably left something out too. Shit it sounds like a lot more when I put it down all in one place. The thing that may hold me up is that I may need to remount the pipe in the back, which won't be easy considering how hacked at that bike is getting. I just want to start riding again!

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