Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gearing up.

So, with the L.A. rally coming up, I'm going into full time prep mode officially. It's already starting to seem like I have too many bikes and too little time or money to make them all ready for the rally. Here's a rundown of all the work I need to do before then. It'll be interesting to see what actually gets done by the rally at the end of March.
(The Latebirds Rally is March 27th -30th for anyone reading this who doesn't know what I'm talking about.)

The Newport
(This is the easy one, so I thought I would list the work it needs first. My friend Al will be coming in from Chicago to ride this.)
-Carb cleaned
-New Brakes
-Kill Switch (which I have and just need to put on)

The Magnum
(This is my bike for the rally and in general, so this stuff has gotta get done by the end of the month for my bday ride.)
-New Engine (which I have completed... all I need is the custom intake, which motomatic shipped today)
-Carb tuning
-New Wheels w/smaller sprocket and freewheel (Doesn't really need this but I just got some AMAZING new spokes all set up from Myron's and the snowflakes on it now are set to go on Margaret's bike.)

The Blue Maxi (Margaret's bike... which needs a lot)
-New brakes/ Wheels (which as I stated above are coming from my magnum)
-New shocks
-Rebuilt engine (needs this BADLY)
-New Carb/tuning
-New top end (I'm putting a 50 TCCD on it for now... soon enough we'll have Margaret blastin'with a bigger kit but this should be fun for now.)

I hope to have one of these goin fast by the time of the rally. I have a polini'd ZA50 that I can put on but I'm not sure that I'll have time.

Hero Puch
I also will have Harold bringing me a Hero Puch when he comes out for the rally. This may very well become a loaner assuming that it's in stable condition.

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